Caja Madre Tierra, empaque sostenible.

3 Ideas to Reuse our Box

In this blog we want to give you

3 ideas on how to give a second life to our Box.

Thus, together, we will be even more sustainable.

IDEA 1: Use it as the base of your home garden

Part of the Mother Earth challenge was to create a home garden and I decided to make it inside the box. In this way, I can move my garden if I need to, I protect the soil from possible dirt tracks and I give the box a new use.

Huerta en casa usando materiales caseros y reciclados

IDEA 2: Make it your recyclable material bin for a while.

Instead of throwing the cardboard and sheets of paper into a bag, put them in the box. At the end, you can deliver it to a recycler with all the material inside and it will be a saving bag and a good gesture with these people who do so much for us (if you can accompany it with a food package or a panela water, you will surely they will appreciate it even more).

Caja Madre Tierra para reciclar materiales

IDEA 3: Turn it into a compartment for your drawers.

Say goodbye to half riot! Put the Mother Earth box inside one of your drawers and you can put your colored stockings inside and the white ones outside. You can decide whether to leave or remove the lid of the box ... Use it as it works for you.



Caja Madre Tierra reciclada para organizar tu ropa


If you have new ideas please do not hesitate to write us.

We will be happy to know what other uses we can give our box