Cómo se utiliza el PET en la industria textil

How is PET used in the textile industry?

The use of recycled PET in fashion has become a trend that gains strength day by day because it is a functional method for recycling plastic bottles . The great utility that the use of this material represents to avoid its accumulation in garbage dumps and to face the environmental problems that it represents, are the main reasons why more and more brands are adding to implement them as raw material.

Recycling PET for garments: a proposal for change

The different uses of recycled PET fabric in the fashion industry have become a responsible alternative to which many brands have joined, some have even emerged with the premise of reducing the impact on the environment by offering products manufactured in a sustainable way. This is how ecological clothing has reached the market to conquer the public with a different message that seeks responsible ethical consumption and production.

Currently, recycling PET in the manufacture of clothing is shown as an efficient response to the environmental crisis, in addition, it represents a great advance because the industry of fashion is one of the main sources of pollution worldwide. On the other hand, using recycled materials in the manufacture of textiles generates a positive idea in consumers, causing many to opt for these ecological alternatives.

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How do you make textiles from PET?

Making t-shirts, pants or dresses with recycled material requires a specialized technique in which these materials are largely used as PET to turn it into clothes. Next, we tell you everything about this process.

  1. The collection of PET bottles is the main thing, then there is a cleaning and disinfection process that eliminates any type of impurity, dirt and microorganisms, including caps and labels.
  2. Once the bottles are cleaned, they are classified according to their color and then sent to a grinding process, in which the containers are reduced to small chips, also known as flakes or scales.
  3. These chips are transformed into PET chips thanks to a process called polymerization, these chips have the same characteristics as one that has not been recycled.
  4. The chips are taken to a special area to be melted over a row to create string, which is wound like thread on a spool. In Colombia we call this machine a shower, because the polyester comes out like a thread.
  5. The yarns are then made into PET chips, which are made into polyester fibers and mixed in large drums with reclaimed cotton fiber.
  6. Following this, they are taken to a machine where the thread comes out directly.
  7. In the end, recycled PET replaces polyester in fabrics, since blends of different percentages are generally created with cotton or, alternatively, 100% recycled PET is used.

These fabrics are used to manufacture environmentally friendly clothing with the intention of creating a sustainable concept in which reduce the impact generated by the production of garments in nature, as well as make the problem visible to join the change.

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Benefits of recycling PET

Recycling PET to make clothing such as pants or ecological t-shirts represents a series of great benefits for the planet, in part, because a second use is given to materials that represent a greater risk to the environment, since plastic can take up to 1000 years to biodegrade, representing an excessive and dangerous accumulation On the other hand , the manufacture of clothing represents a high degree of pollution, so making use of recycled materials reduces the damage.

Plastic itself represents damage in several aspects, since its accumulation and the long time it takes to degrade adds to the CO2 emission it produces in its deterioration process. This is because for every kilogram of plastic in a landfill, 1.5 kg of CO2 are emitted, adding greenhouse gases to the atmosphere; one of the main causes of climate change.

Broadly speaking, the use of the material Recycled PET to manufacture textiles represents an effort in the fight to reduce the environmental impact, reduce greenhouse gases and promote sustainable and ethical consumption . That is why today we invite you to join the change and start taking responsible actions that reduce the impact on Mother Earth.

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