¿Qué vestido usar según la ocasión

What dress to wear according to the occasion

Dresses are a versatile, comfortable and fresh garment that can be used on any occasion if you combine them correctly and, above all, choose an appropriate model. However, we know that many times it is not so easy to be clear about which option is the best and that other garments are better as a complement.

It is for this reason that today we want to tell you what type of dress you can choose according to the situation and how the different combinations with other garments and accessories can give rise to an infinity of outfits to get the most out of your clothes. Take note.

- Going out with friends

Who doesn't love going out with friends and enjoying special moments? Live each of these meetings with an incredible look with which you feel comfortable with an ideal dress for the occasion. You just have to look for a simple garment that you can combine with your favorite jacket and tennis shoes.

Short dresses will be the best choice for this type of outing, since they allow you to create a informal and uncomplicated style that will undoubtedly be practical for any plan you have in mind. The best thing is that you can recreate several outfits, for example, one day you can try a jacket denim and another with a blazer; both options are simple, but full of style.

- Elegant event

Formalities can be a headache, however, when it comes to events we cannot deny that it is a great opportunity to look amazing and get that facet fashionista. Of course, a dress is one of the favorite options for this type of occasion, so give free rein to your creativity and prepare the best outfit for the night.

Ideally, the dress you choose should be sober and neutral in color, dark tones and nude will be your best ally to highlight elegance and stylize your look. figure. Some ecological fashion designs provide you with greater ease when combining a garment for different situations and regardless of trends, as they are timeless.

In the case of Mother Earth, you can find the Pacha - Mantle dress, a sober, elegant garment with a sophisticated style that will allow you to look amazing on special occasions such as family celebrations, work celebrations, academic meetings and more.

- Outdoor Events

Outdoor events have gained popularity in recent months, inviting people to share with their loved ones in open spaces, making the environment more pleasant. In addition, it is a more than ideal time to wear a dress, as it will make you look more in tune with the space and in tune with the environment.

For this type of event you can opt for long or short dresses, it all depends on your preferences and how you feel more comfortable. Do not forget that it is always good to have other garments for your outfit, in this case, a coat will not hurt given the climatic variations that may occur.

If you wish make better use of the dresses you are going to wear on these occasions, you can opt for environmentally friendly clothing, which is much easier to combine. Create multiple styles full of elegance or freshness according to your needs will never be so fun and easy, it's just about trying different styles.

En Mother Earth, in addition to finding beautiful dresses, you can get a wide variety of blouses, jackets, jumpsuits, among others; all made in a sustainable way and with a timeless design so you can enjoy your clothes for longer.Being an ecological clothing brand we prioritize that our customers understand the importance of responsible and ethical consumption that contributes to the protection and caring for nature

Don't wait any longer and start looking amazing every moment in a sustainable way with Mother Earth.

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