ten un armario sostenible

So you can have a sustainable wardrobe

ten un armario sostenible
Have you ever wondered if it's possible to have a sustainable wardrobe? The answer is yes. You have probably already heard about the environmental impact of the fashion industry, its consequences and the need to take action to mitigate the problem.
If in your case, curiosity and interest in having greater environmental responsibility has led you to look for measures that reduce the impact you generate on your environment, start with something simple like a sustainable closet may be the best option. That is why today we want to tell you how to make this goal a reality.

What is a sustainable wardrobe?

First of all, you must be clear about what a sustainable wardrobe is and thus be able to have a better idea of ​​the purpose of wanting to establish one in your lifestyle. The main rule to follow is that there are no more garments and that most are based on a single principle: that they combine with everything.
At Madre Tierra we manage the concept of the capsule closet, and it is precisely about creating a closet where you base yourself on a minimalist consumption model and where the sustainable fashion be an alternative to choose clothes manufactured under environmentally friendly guidelines.
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How to have a sustainable closet?

The time has come to get down to business. Next, we will tell you the step by step that you must follow to make your wardrobes sustainable.


In this step it is of great importance that you be objective and honest with yourself, because you must order all your clothes in 3 groups. First, choose the clothes you like the most and wear frequently. Then choose the one you use from time to time no matter the reasons. Finally, choose the one you don't like anymore, you haven't worn it for a couple of months and it just isn't your size anymore.


It's time to classify what stays and what doesn't. The first batch clearly stays, as for the second, you will have to make a decision: keep it or discard it. To do this, you can check the status, even try it on, this exercise will help you decide if you like it or if you simply don't want it anymore.
Consider how much you would need them if they weren't there, and if you have doubts you can keep it for a couple more months, but if you don't use it in this time it's time to say goodbye.


Sometimes we don't pay attention to our way of being and yet, it is a determining factor for many things in our lives. The way we dress is one of them, that is why you must take into account your tastes, lifestyle, activities and personality when choosing your clothes, not only the ones you are going to keep, but also the ones you will buy in the store. future.


One of the many advantages of taking the task of organizing your closet and giving it a sustainable approach is that now you will know exactly what clothes you have and a better idea to combine them. Thus eliminating the idea of ​​not knowing what to use.
Classify the basics by drawer, the clothes for hot days, as well as the ones you wear for cold days, the ones to be at home and to exercise. This will be a plus when getting dressed because you will be able to put together outfits faster, avoiding delays in your routine.


Once you have ordered everything, it is time to eliminate what was left out. You can donate, give away and take to used clothing recovery centers.The main intention is that you avoid generating waste and make the most of it
It's that easy to turn your wardrobe into an ecological and responsible space with nature. In the future you can consider buying eco clothing with designs that easily adapt to all your needs and that have not produced high levels of pollution.
Every change you make means a lot, so don't stop and keep contributing to our common home.

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