4 regalos perfectos para Amor y Amistad

4 perfect gifts for Love and Friendship

September 17 is approaching and in Colombia we will celebrate love and friendship with our loved ones; On this date we will surprise those we love most with a gift that will make them fall in love completely, but nothing makes them fall in love more than a sustainable gift.

That's why if you still don't know what you can give on this date and that is friendly to the environment, here we have the solution:

Ignite love with a candle from Galia.

This brand makes several sustainable products, but its candles are the best of all, as they are made of 100% soy wax, so that its sperm can be used to give delicious massages without burning or irritating the skin. You also enjoy a delicious aroma.


A full belly and a happy heart.

Make your partner fall in love with a delicious gift together with Léle Crumbles you can do it since it offers you healthy snack alternatives that you can share and enjoy with your partner.

Take the first step alongside Diluvio Raincoats.

If there is something that Hollywood taught us, it is that there is nothing more romantic than a kiss in the rain, with the help of Diluvio Raincoats you can recreate it while protecting yourself from the rain by keeping warm with jackets that They have beautiful designs.

Love blossoms on Mother Earth

Love and friendship is the perfect occasion to have a perfect connection with your partner by matching the clothes they wear. In Madre Tierra you find excellent options that you can use with your partner or with the people you love very much, you can also find the perfect gift because you can give timeless and minimalist garments that are perfect for everyone.