importancia de apoyar la economía local

What is the importance of supporting the local economy?

importancia de apoyar la economía local
The support for the local economy starts from the purchase you make in your neighborhood store to the choice of national brands over foreign ones. But for many consumers it is a determining factor when buying, do you know why? We tell you next.
When you buy products in stores in your neighborhood, market places or national brands, you are supporting the economic and social development of your community and country. Mainly because you are encouraging the growth of businesses and companies that are mostly start-ups, generate local employment and keep the economy active.
If you have more questions, we invite you to read the benefits of supporting the local economy in Colombia. Don't stop reading!
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• Generate employment in your community

When you open a store in your neighborhood and buy from it, you contribute to its growth, encouraging the hiring of more staff. The same thing happens when you go to the stores in your neighborhood or look for products from Colombian brands.
There is also the fact that in most cases the personnel hired in these businesses and companies are part of your community, promoting a better lifestyle for your environment.

• Boosts the local economy

If you choose to support the supply of local products, you promote the national economy. This encourages and supports other local businesses, fueling the growth of a national economy.

• Offer better customer service

If you have bought from a local business or brand, you have surely been able to experience warm and closer attention. This is due to the fact that when dealing with distributors specialized in certain types of products, the attention is more exclusive, in addition, it is common for small and medium-sized companies to have greater appreciation for customers.
The attention is also more personalized, you can even receive advice and answer all your questions without any problem. In part, that's because local businesses and brands tend to better understand the importance of appreciating their customers.

• There is greater social and environmental commitment

Local brands seek to captivate their audiences while giving back to their community. For example, many show a commitment to social responsibility with donations or other activities that contribute to improving local living conditions. On the other hand, there may be an environmental responsibility where sustainability is its main contribution.
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How to support the local economy?

If you have already decided to contribute to the economy of your community and want to know how to start, you are in the right place. To begin with, you should know that it is not complex at all, because as we mentioned before, the actions start from choosing the market place in your town and the store in your neighborhood. In these places you will be able to find basic necessities, so there will be no excuses.
If you are looking for something more specific such as special foods or sustainable clothing brands Colombia you simply have to search on your mobile or computer. Just enter the search engine or even social networks and that's it, surely there will be a great offer.
Don't wait any longer, start being part of the change today.

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