¡Ya inicia el Green Week de Madre Tierra!

Mother Earth's Green Week is starting!

At Madre Tierra we are very happy to share our achievements, as they have been thanks to the constant support of all our clients who wish to contribute to the change that the planet needs. That is why today we commemorate our alliance with the NGO Panthera, which was made possible thanks to the joint work with Planet On, an environmental and cultural event that through educated cinema shares revealing stories about caring for and protecting the environment.

To celebrate this alliance we want to announce that from November 26 to December 3 we will have a 20% discount on the line of sustainable clothing of special edition of the Planet On festival of this 2021 and, the best thing, is that for each purchase we will give away a beautiful tote bag from Mother Earth, a detail that commemorates the intention of this alliance. In addition, 10% of what is collected during this Green Week will go to the jaguar conservation initiative, which is promoted by Panthera and seeks to raise awareness about this valuable specimen that is threatened.

The invitation is for you to be part of this important cause, supporting a market for sustainable and responsibly manufactured products that seek to positively impact our society. At the same time, you will be supporting the local economy and the fight for jaguar conservation.

Don't forget: buy only what you need!

We also take the opportunity to remember that a beautiful time is approaching to celebrate and share with the people we love the most, but also full of consumption. This is why today we also invite you to be responsible with your purchases, limiting yourself only to what you need. Now more than ever our planet needs our help, it's up to us to reduce the high levels of pollution that are damaging our natural ecosystems.

This Christmas celebrate in a sustainable way with eco clothes from Mother Earth!

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