Looks para ir a la oficina

Looks to go to the office

When we enter a new job or want to change our style to go to it, we think of the best in order to look impeccable and with something that makes us feel comfortable; It really isn't complicated to choose the right look, it's all about being advised to find what we like and, clearly, what we want to wear. Therefore, in the following note we will share some options that will make you look great. Continue reading and follow these recommendations.

Styles to go to the office

You don't have to choose between great outfits to go to your workplace, you just have to match the wardrobe that best suits you. Therefore, we bring you the different ideas that Mother Earth has for you.

- Use blue tones: you don't have to always use black and earth tones, maybe you could try a dark blue combined with grey, as it will convey the same sense of elegance and poise.


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- Skirts or dresses: Put aside the pants and start wearing skirts with basic garments like a blouse without many prints, or dresses that give you elegance when you go to work. You can combine each outfit with shoes that suit it.

vestido-gris blusa-tiras-negra
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- Wide-leg pants: today, wide-leg pants have gained strength in women's styles, so it will be the ideal one to wear to your office. You can use some gray tone combined with basic blouses.

- Sweaters and loose-fitting garments: just as wide-leg pants are in fashion, so are blouses, shirts and jackets. These garments are the latest trends, so you will have different options to choose from like earth tones and a pair of tall boots.

- Complement your style with a trench coat: sometimes it doesn't seem important to wear a garment that covers us from the cold, apart from a blouse, pants and shoes. For this reason, long coats or trench coats are the best option. Create your complete outfit and feel fantastic!


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- Accessories: don't forget accessories such as earrings, some bracelets and a bag to complete your wardrobe.

- Suits: formal clothing never goes out of style, and you can combine it with classic shirts and pastel shades or mint green to dazzle at work.

- Wearing black: Although we have already mentioned that bright and pastel colors are what is now, black is not far behind, because it will always be a tone with a formal and elegant vibe.


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Given these alternatives, you know what to wear at the right time when you go to work, and the best? is that you can dress ecologically with the sustainable fashion offered by Mother Earth. Don't lose sight of these tips!

At Mother Earth we want you to feel comfortable in the most comfortable clothes, as well as look brilliant at any time. We are a sustainable fashion brand in Colombia that wants the best for the planet, apart from contributing to both men's and women's locker rooms.

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