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Sustainable fashion: everything you need to know

The fashion industry is revolutionizing to make visible the environmental impact of manufacturing products for a market whose demand is increasing day by day. This is why responsible production and consumption have been a premise that has gained ground in the sector, in order to promote a sustainable alternative.
This is how sustainability in fashion has become a premise that many entrepreneurs have established as a guideline in their objectives, focusing on offering environmentally sustainable products. With them, they seek to convey a message of change about each of the actions we do daily and how they impact our mother earth.
In this order of ideas, sustainable fashion is defined as the production, sale and marketing of clothing following ethical guidelines to stop the impact generated by the industry on the environment -the second being that most causes contamination-, at the same time, the magnitude of the damage that this generates is promoted and how it is possible to start consuming responsibly.

Pillars of sustainable fashion

The ethical or sustainable fashion is governed by three fundamental pillars that function as a basis to promote consumption that does not imply significant damage to the environment. Next, we will mention what they are:

• Respect for the environment: When you go to a clothing store you choose garments based on their design and price, we rarely inquire about their origin and the impact that their production could have on the environment. To give you a clear idea, let's look at this example: according to the United Nations Environment Program, the water required to manufacture a single pair of jeans is 7,500 liters, the amount that a person drinks in approximately 7 years.

In this sense, sustainable fashion opts for alternatives based on the reuse of materials that have fulfilled a life cycle, such as the use of PET bottles to manufacture textiles. The use of ethically sourced materials that do not compromise natural ecosystems is also one of the methods implemented.

• Social meaning: The use of sustainable clothing consists of knowing the problems generated as a result of the irresponsible production of clothing, which is why making visible the environmental impact and the reality of the workforce that produces your clothes is a duty of conscious brands. Keeping these aspects in mind before choosing the clothes you are going to buy will make you part of a change that is urgently sought to give back to nature part of everything we have taken.

• Economic impact: The conditions of those who manufacture your clothes, as we mentioned before, must be fair, as well as the payment for their services, since conscious fashion consists in the entire production processes being sustainable and ethical.

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What is the role of the consumer?

By choosing to change for responsible consumption and looking for alternatives of sustainable clothing you are generating a positive impact that has a far-reaching impact on your community, since you are being part of this initiative, supporting local brands, with social and environmental responsibility that work in harmony with the community, generating jobs under fair conditions. In addition, you begin to learn about the need to take actions that mitigate the damage to nature and you begin to take decisions in other aspects of your life.
Sharing the message of change with your family, friends and acquaintances is a task that you can promote so that the impact is much greater. The idea is that with each small act you understand that you are giving your contribution and generating value for a cause that gains strength every day. We are the engine that helps drive these causes, so making them grow depends on each one of us. Today we invite you to join this change and start acting in tune with the environment around you.

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