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New Sustainable TIP - Save water without doing ANYTHING!

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We love Sustainable TIPS! We know that many of us want to be more sustainable from what we do and how we live. However, this does not always translate into tangible actions because, let's face it, WE LOVE OUR LIFESTYLE and sustainability is a journey... not an overnight result. This is why every time we find a new TIP for saving water we love to share it and this one is SPECTACULAR.


This tip has a couple of features that make it special:

  1. You only have to do it ONCE... and that's it!
  1. After applying it, you don't have to do ANYTHING else and you'll be a little more sustainable
  1. You can apply it in the bathroom of your home and office without anyone noticing it
  1. You don't have to spend a penny
  1. Not only will you save water, you will also save money!

Advice for saving water

Now yes, THE TIP:

Have you ever looked into your toilet tank? Well, we won't go into details but in general, if you do, you will find something similar to this drawing:

consejos para no gastar agua

Every time you flush your toilet, all the water that's in the tank goes out the drain and that's what we see happen when we turn down the handle. At the end, the vast majority of the water in your tank is gone and through the surge tube it is refilled.

As the water rises, the pump or buoy, which floats on the water, rises to the point where it "activates" the fill valve and the water stops filling the tank. This happens when there is enough water for the buoy to rise to the lock point. This is how an ordinary toilet works, there are a little more modern ones that may work differently but in theory they are similar.

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What if the tank stayed a little fuller all the time and it took less water to fill it?

To achieve this follow these steps:

  1. Take a plastic bottle from recycling along with its cap.
  1. Fill the bottle with water and cover it very well.
  1. Uncover your toilet tank and put the bottle inside.
  1. Cap your tank again.
  1. Enjoy a more economical toilet!

Now the toilet will need less amount of water to fill since the space will be occupied by the water bottle!

Try it!

*We are not responsible for any side effects that this exercise may have

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