Por qué elegir regalos ecológicos

The best gift you can give: sustainable products

Special dates are presented practically throughout the year, whether it is the birthday of a friend or family member, the anniversary with your partner, mother's or father's day, love and friendship and, of course, Christmas, among others. many more. Without a doubt, these are occasions that deserve a celebration and many times a detail, but have you ever wondered about the impact that this can have both on the person you give it to and on the environment?
The concern for the health of the planet grows day by day, which has made more and more people join a more responsible lifestyle, this includes an ethical consumption that does not generate a negative impact on nature. For this reason, thinking about ecological gifts is one of the trends that are sought to be popularized with the aim of joining and sharing a message of change.
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Why choose ecological gifts?

There are many reasons to choose sustainable gifts, for example, on special dates that we share with those we love most, many of them represent benefits for both parties, as well as for the environment. Here we tell you some:

It's a good option for the planet

When you opt for an eco gift you choose a product whose manufacture should be under environmentally responsible parameters, which includes lower energy consumption due to the implementation of renewable systems such as sunlight or saving methods.
The reuse of materials such as PET and the recovery of others, in terms of cotton and other guidelines that characterize ecological products. At the same time, responsible consumption is promoted.

Does not affect animals

The use of animals to test dermatological and beauty products is not a secret, in fact, a large number of calls have been made to ban the practice, since with cruelty free products —such as organic and natural—has been shown to be a completely unnecessary method. Therefore, supporting products with the seal that certifies that animals have not been used for testing contributes to not promoting this type of abuse.

• They don't affect your health

Many of the products that are currently on the market at low prices are manufactured with raw materials that can be harmful to your health, being also highly toxic and polluting. In contrast, sustainable options such as ecological clothing do not represent any risk to your health, since they seek to use natural materials, of plant origin and are manufactured sustainably.

• They prevent air pollution

Ecological products are based on a balance with the environment, and this philosophy extends to the entire production process, which means that renewable energy sources are chosen, resources are used in an sustainable, and the impact on the environment is reduced to a minimum, avoiding pollution and the emission of gases that accumulate in the atmosphere.

• They are a nutritious option

If you are going to choose food as the ideal gift, you should know that organic and natural options provide a higher nutritional content compared to traditional foods that are marketed, which also contain large amounts of preservatives and synthetics that affect Your Health.
Furthermore, organic foods are produced in a way that respects nature, avoiding the use of pesticides and other chemicals that impact soil properties

• They are a smart investment

Ecological products are manufactured under the premise that you can give them a longer life and thus reduce your consumption, an example of this is sustainable clothing , which is made with recovered and eco-friendly materials that are resistant and gentle on your skin. This is how you will be giving away a high quality product that will last longer.
The benefits of choosing to give sustainable gifts are innumerable, not only because you promote responsible consumption with the environment, but also because you are giving something with a meaning of value that seeks to share a message. That is why it will always be an ideal option to surprise those you love most on special dates.
Join this change and choose sustainable products, and if you are still looking for a gift that meets your expectations, all you have to do is look in the Mother Earth catalogue.