Razones para utilizar productos biodegradables

Reasons to use biodegradable products

Razones para utilizar productos biodegradables
Currently, single-use products represent a major problem because the materials with which they are manufactured are highly polluting, with plastics being the most common. These elements accumulate in incalculable quantities in marine ecosystems and garbage dumps, remaining for hundreds of years in a process of slow degradation.
The toxins emitted by these materials, mainly derived from petroleum, are highly dangerous for soils and water sources, in addition to the fact that those who choose to burn them, emit even more dangerous substances into the environment. Faced with this reality, alternatives have been proposed that minimize this negative impact, this is the case of biodegradable products.
These options have become popular to the point of occupying a significant space in the market. One of the main reasons is the fact that consumers have shown greater concern about caring for the environment, opting for more sustainable options such as biodegradable materials, ecological clothing and alternative elements to plastic such as bamboo.

What are biodegradable products?

First of all, it is important to be clear about what kind of products can be classified as biodegradable. These are those that can degrade naturally and in less time compared to traditional products. These materials are intended to reduce the polluting impact generated by waste in the environment.
Although it is true that all the elements that are discarded will disintegrate, it is also known that there are some that can take more than a thousand years. This represents a great threat to the planet, not only because they remain for long periods of time, but also because sometimes, as mentioned before, they are burned, releasing dangerous substances into the ecosystems.
This is how the problem of waste has increased, revealing the need to make changes in the traditional consumption model. Next, we mention the reasons why it is important to change to a responsible consumption model, in this case biodegradable products:
They are not dangerous to our health: many products made from plastic are derived from petroleum, which can be harmful to our skin and body. For their part, biodegradable products are made with elements of plant origin, which makes them, for the most part, hypoallergenic.
They reduce the overload of landfills: garbage dumps have less and less capacity due to the constant increase in waste, choosing biodegradable products that disappear quickly reduces the amount of garbage.
They are not polluting: the purpose of biodegradable products is to reduce the impact of waste on the environment, this means that they disintegrate in less time and without releasing substances dangerous.
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What biodegradable products can I find on the market?

Although the offer may be limited, finding biodegradable products is easier than you think. Some stores specialize in products of this type, some of them are:
It is a virtual market where you can find personal care products and implements that reduce the consumption of disposables such as brushes and bamboo straws.You also find an ecological option of tote bags to make your purchases without generating more waste with plastic bags
Bio Ecoplanet
It is a virtual store specialized in disposable packaging solutions in ecological materials for the gastronomic sector from renewable natural resources. They are 100% biodegradable and can be composted.
As their name suggests, they make different cosmetic products with simple formulas and methods. Its products are natural, without toxic substances and with a commitment to caring for animals and the environment.
It's a vegan restaurant where you can find bulk foods and organic toiletries, personal care and eco clothing.
The Organic Workshop
A store where you can find vegan beauty and personal care products, biodegradable laundry detergent and kitchen soap, and much more.
You can also start opting for other alternative products to biodegradable ones that are less harmful to the planet, as is the case with clothing such as dresses made from recycled material, which have been manufactured under sustainable models that reduce negative impacts on the environment.
In Mother Earth you can find clothes with innovative designs that are made with sustainable materials, such as recovered cotton and PET, promoting an ecological model in the clothing industry. fashion.
As you can see, there is a wide range of biodegradable and sustainable products that you can choose from and start taking actions that add to the change. Dare to be part of it by being a responsible consumer.
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