¿De qué se trata el algodón orgánico y por qué optar por él?

What is organic cotton and why choose it?

Cotton is a raw material that has been used in the textile industry for many years, producing countless garments for every person on the planet. Its popularity is based on how light and soft it is, as well as its marketing potential, but have you ever heard of organic cotton? In the following note we tell you about it and the reason why you should start using it. Continue reading.

Organic cotton: what is it?

Let's start with its concept that consists of organic production so that garments are not manufactured with chemical products or fertilizers, it is also carried out in order to give it optimal and sustainable use to value local natural resources.

Its cultivation is done through natural practices and seeds with the help of animal fertilizers instead of artificial ones, apart from ecological cotton is considered the raw material for a fabric pure that does not produce allergic reactions on the skin, which is a very healthy alternative.

Differences between organic cotton and conventional cotton

Within the cotton industry there are two types, organic and conventional, as you could see, the first does not use insecticides or pesticides for the clothing making. In addition, it significantly favors the natural cycles of the earth and the production processes are not toxic.

As for the second, on the contrary, it uses more chemicals, apart from using around 25% of the pesticides consumed in the world, which causes great damage to both people and biodiversity.

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Advantages of using organic cotton

- Does not use genetically modified seeds.
- Use rock dust and fumes or animal manures as compost.
- Cotton cultivation helps fibers for the textile industry, which is considered very important for sustainable garments.
- Control the pests.
- Cotton is pure.
- Harvested by hand.
- Reduces consumption and protects the skin of people who use this type of alternatives to conventionalcotton.

How is it used in clothing?

When we use organic cotton-based products, we are initially contributing to sustainable fashion, as well as decreasing the possibility that planet Earth continues to be affected by different chemical substances. On the other hand, our skin will be better cared for thanks to this material and it is considered much softer, antimicrobial and if its useful life ends, it is absolutely biodegradable.

Additionally, there is an organic cotton certificate that is carried out under strict environmental quality procedures, where production with this fabric is guaranteed through a seal.

What options can you choose from eco clothing?

In Mother Earth we offer you garments that will change your life habits in terms of what you wear daily, because in this way you will contribute to caring for the environment, apart from using women's clothing with organic cotton and, in addition, for men we also have different garment alternatives.Check them out below:

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See garment See garment See garment

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