¿Sabes cómo iniciar una vida de consumo responsable?

Do you know how to start a life of responsible consumption?

When people decide to change their usual lifestyle for a more conscious one, it is an indication that they are on the right path to take care of the environment, it even shows how responsible they are when purchasing a product or hire a service because they know what actions to take into account when they do so. Have you ever heard about the impact of sustainable consumption? Today, we tell you how to join this initiative and the great results you will get by being part of this plan. Read on.

Responsible consumption

A person who consumes consciously is one who knows the ecological rights and social criteria, which help to contribute to planet Earth, and also ensures lower consumption that improves the quality of life of others and future generations. .

In this sense, the person who begins to carry out these initiatives should question himself and think about buying what is necessary, knowing his financial provisions and choosing products that are respectful with the environment.

Do you want to be part of this movement? Know the following aspects.

Characteristics of responsible consumption

- Conscious: is a premeditated act that puts free choice first and does not follow trends or fashions.
- Critical: questions about the social and ecological conditions, in such a way that it evaluates how a product or service has been developed.
- Ethical: It is based on values ​​such as responsibility, it is not wasted or overconsumed. In addition, the rights of those who make the products are respected.
- Ecological: natural resources are not affected and mass production that damages the environment is not promoted.
- Healthy: promotes a life free of bad eating habits and the purchase of products that do not impact the planet.
- Solidarity: absolutely respects everyone's rights and works to ensure them.
- Fair: is based on principles that do not discriminate against anyone, nor does it add to sustainable exploitation.

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Responsible consumption in fashion

The conscious consumption starts from not overdoing it following trends that make us buy unnecessarily, so we must stop along the way and think how we can contribute so as not to be a part of this. Do you want to learn where to start? At Mother Earth, we help you change your life for a more ecological one.

- Sustainability begins by stopping consuming a large number of garments. Therefore, we suggest you choose the necessary one so that you do not continue to buy extensively. We can tell you that all those clothes that you have in your closet can be combined with another, so it will not be essential for them to acquire the latest in fashion trends.
- If you're going to buy clothes, it's best to choose ones that don't have a negative effect on the environment. There are brands like Madre Tierra which is completely committed to sustainable fashion.In our catalog you will find varieties of garments that are made from recycled materials, would you like to see how many?

See garment See pledge

See pledge See garment

- Wash your clothes by hand and with detergents that have ecological components Plan your day and take the time to wash your clothes, it may take a little longer so the work will be manual , but you will feel the satisfaction that you are doing things well.
- Limit your purchases. As we already mentioned, the ideal is that you buy products as little as possible when you don't need them, so you will have savings on your purchases; however, if you want eco clothes select the one you like best but not in large quantities.

As you could see, responsible consumption requires attitude and disposition so as not to continue negatively impacting the environment. With the ecological clothing in Colombia that we offer you at Mother Earth you can take a step to contribute to the sustainability of planet Earth. Take advantage of the promotions we have for you and acquire one of our garments in your style!

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