¿En qué consiste el Slow Fashion?

What is Slow Fashion?

Increasingly, advances in ecological fashion have much to offer, due to the bets that are made in favor of the environment. Little by little, a mark is being left so that people begin to be part of this sustainable field. For this reason, today at Mother Earth we bring you the concept of 'Slow Fashion or Slow Fashion', a way of living adopting a conscious style and with respect for planet Earth, the workers and consumers of the industry. Continue reading.

What is the term Slow Fashion?

This method came about in reaction to Fast Fashion, since it turns out to be the exact opposite of this line. In Slow Fashion, the details of fashion become important, such as the inputs used, the workforce with which they make the garments and making it notoriously more practical, sensitive and empathic with the environment.

Basically, this concept is a way of thinking about a greener world, where the way of making and consuming fashion is conscious and intentional, apart from ensuring the quality of the products that are created with the so that they last, are resistant, and above all, sustainable over time.

Characteristics of Slow Fashion

The Slow Fashion, to complement, is a slowdown to excessive production, with the purpose of reducing pollution and understanding the effort of the actors who are involved in the fashion industry. Therefore, we will share with you its key aspects to start implementing this style in your life and join a more sustainable fashion.

-The Slow Fashion offers immense support to companies that manufacture garments locally, thinking of the effort and time dedicated to their production.
- It is strongly committed to recycling and promotes the acquisition of eco friendly clothing products with the aim of taking advantage of their use and the materials with which they were created.
- He is a promoter of donating clothing that is no longer used.
- Ensures that the inputs used are sustainable.
- Works to reduce the carbon footprint generated by garments.
- They take their brands as far as possible to zero waste so that they are not wasted.

How to be part of the Slow Fashion?

Given that it is one of the most opportune options to contribute a grain of sand in the fashion industry to make it more sustainable and ethical. We tell you how you can start implementing this method in your daily life.

- Recycled and second-hand clothing

Use the garments as long as possible or transform them into something you like like pants into shorts, or a jacket into a crop top. There are endless ideas, take advantage of them and explore your creativity.

Also if you have clothes that are very worn and maybe a little torn, you can go to tailor shops to help you fix them and give you advice about their use.

- Fair Trade

When you begin to implement Slow Fashion in your life, you will notice that you are contributing to the value of the clothes you wear and giving value to those who do it

For example, on the market there are ecological clothing brands that are part of fair trade, because they do not follow any particular trend and They want each person to feel comfortable with what they use.

- Timeless garments

Make sure you buy quality garments that do not have a defined time of use, you can give them a long life and you will enjoy them for different occasions.

In Mother Earth we share our new collection of products so that you can join this methodology.

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- Forget fashion produced in industrial quantities

Preferably choose a certain size of clothing so that you are not part of the excess production of clothing and that it is not harmful to the environment.

- Do not buy compulsively

Measure your purchases based on the functionality and durability of your garments, in this way you will help yourself save and value the work of those who make them.

In Mother Earth we know the great importance that Slow Fashion has in the fashion industry. For this reason, adopting this philosophy of consumption, we want to invite you to reuse your clothes and acquire garments of the best quality.

In our collection we offer you a variety of options so you can choose from, and the best? that you will be joining the initiative to take care of planet Earth.

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