¿Qué es la moda rápida o 'fast fashion'?

What is fast fashion or 'fast fashion'?

Fashion is an industry that is characterized by change in order to meet the goal of staying at the forefront of innovation. However, each process that is carried out to manufacture new garments that fit the trends represents a high cost for the environment.

Due to the constant and rapid change of what is considered 'fashion', a tireless race begins to produce garments that adjust to trends, leaving as a result the fast fashion.

What is fast fashion?

The fast fashion, in Spanish 'fast fashion'. It is a model for the production of garments in large quantities in a short time, regardless of the damage they may cause to the environment.

Furthermore, this logic of accelerated production implies low-cost labor in where many times the workers do not have all the guarantees when carrying out their work. This means that fast fashion is the cause of environmental and social problems.

What are the consequences of fast fashion?

The environmental impact is perhaps the greatest consequence of fast fashion, since its production model is based on quantity, and to meet its objectives, materials and supplies that can be highly toxic are used. These end up in rivers and other natural ecosystems, affecting life in all its forms.

The use of synthetic textiles, mostly derived from petroleum such as polyester, represents one of the main risks for the environment. environment, since as they are materials derived from the same resource as plastics, their decomposition can take decades, even centuries.

The use of these garments for short periods of time is another factor that affects the conservation of the environment ambient. Think that if 100 people buy a fashionable blouse that is made to be thrown away after 3 months, that will be 100 shirts that will end up in landfills.

Now, translate that situation to the number of people who live in Colombia, and later in the world. Billions of highly polluting garments are produced and discarded every day. Without a doubt, it is a worrying reality that requires action as soon as possible.

How to stop fast fashion?

Stopping fast fashion is a task that belongs to all of us, since at the end of the day it is a product offer that exists due to demand. This makes your role essential, and the best thing is that contributing does not require much effort. That is why today we invite you to start taking some actions that deal with fast fashion, some ideas for it are:

Supports local

When buying, it is ideal to search for some national ecofriendly clothing brands , since having a sustainable approach you are ensuring that its production did not have a major impact on the environment. At the same time, you're supporting the local economy.

Put your clothes to better use

Use all the clothes you have in your wardrobe, do not accumulate and in case there are no clothes that you no longer use, look for sustainable methods to give a second chance.

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Buy responsibly

Choosing sustainable fashion is the best alternative to face fast fashion, since you have the security of which are products that were manufactured responsibly and with recycled or recovered raw materials, one of the great achievements of brands that seek to counteract the negative effect on the environment

How could you have realized, fighting fast fashion in Colombia is simple, just take some actions and look for alternatives like the ones you find in Madre Tierra, a clothing brand focused on the manufacture of sustainable garments. Get to know our catalog and fall in love with the most innovative designs inspired by the balance with nature.

Be part of sustainable fashion