Conoce el auge de las compras ecológicas

Learn about the rise of organic shopping

Sustainability is a current reality, and it has received a great reception from different people who think about the environment and its care. In fact, today responsible consumption has become a very important concept, where positive results have been seen that contribute to planet Earth. For this reason, in the following note we talk about how green shopping has transformed the world and the impact it has had on a general level. Read on.

What is green shopping?

The term is easy to understand, because basically, as its name indicates, it is a response to acquiring ecological products or services that help the environment and the planet. Furthermore, not only have people opted for this new lifestyle, but also companies have reacted to this sustainable wave.

Likewise, it is essential that you know that purchases can be made in different ecological stores both online and physically, and that when buying a product you rectify that is really taking care of the planet, either in its production or its distribution.

Now then, at Mother Earth we make ecological clothing made in Colombia based on of recycled materials and that follows the path to change the world. Our purpose is that people also contribute, while dressing in an unmatched style without affecting the planet.

Along the same lines, within our new collection you will find everything from basic garments to dresses with an exceptional design. Meet some here.

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What are the benefits of buying green?

- A balance is achieved between environmental sustainability and the protection of biodiversity.
- Reduces pollution.
- Energy is saved by using natural sources.
- By buying organic fruits and vegetables their production is moderated and does not impact the environment.
- With the use of recycled materials, industrial consumption is reduced.

Tips for green shopping

- Use of vehicles

As far as possible, do not use your car or motorcycle to a great extent, if you have one. We recommend that you do a little physical activity by walking to a certain establishment or using a bicycle, this way you will save up to 25% on fuel and buy what you need without inconvenience.

- Buy local products

Preferably buy local items, because what comes from other places requires transportation and the ideal is to reduce the increase in CO2 and the spread of invasive species that affect biodiversity.

- Use reusable bags

If you have bags in your home, we suggest you recycle them so that you don't have to buy a new one when shopping

- Think carefully before you buy

Avoid buying unnecessary products for your home and evaluate what you really need and are going to use.

- Provides for the use of bundled products

Plastic is considered one of the most polluting materials, as it is a residue that can affect biodiversity. The safest option is to buy in bulk.

- Check product labels

Make sure you buy items that respect the environment and have the sustainability label and recycling symbols.

- Reuse products

Take advantage of the greater usefulness of your articles, so you will save money and respond to your needs without problem.

With what has been described so far, you now know how to help the environment and start a life of responsible consumption and ecological purchases. Follow these recommendations and you will see a new change in your habits. Hand in hand with Mother Earth you can start with a contribution using sustainable fashion and the best quality to take care of the planet.

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