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#MadreTierraChallenge - Tips to reduce your environmental impact


Hello! We are happy that you are here because this is the first step to be part of our NEW SUSTAINABLE CHALLENGE MADRE TIERRA.

The idea of this challenge is for you to realize that being more sustainable and reducing your environmental impact is very easy

Here you will find ideas, ecotips, explanations and help for your daily challenges. If any of them are not clear to you or you have any questions ... Do not hesitate to write us! And if you want, share your experience with us using the #MadreTierra Challenge. Together we will reduce our environmental impact!




Planilla para reto de sostenibilidad diario por 30 días

1. Reuse the water in your shower: This first challenge is a VERY EASY ecotip, you just have to take a bucket or large container that you have at home and put it in your shower while you bathe. Try to put it where you see more water falling and you will be surprised how much a few drops count. Then use this water to water your plants, wash the bathroom or even release the bathroom.

2. Choose your shower song: I LOVE this challenge. The idea is that you choose your shower song, you hit play when you go in to shower and before it's over you have to be outside. NOTE: choose a song of less than 3 and a half minutes ... It is not worth choosing Bohemian Rhapsody (you can find some of our favorites in theMADRE TIERRA PLAYLIST )

3. Day without consuming red meat: Personally, this is one of the issues that complicates me the most. But 1 day… We did it! (Hopefully little by little it will become a habit, you can start for 1 day a week and your environmental impact will be much lower)

  4. When you go to sleep, turn off your computer: Easy and simple. Do not leave it in Sleep, do not let it suspend ... Turn it off completely!

   5. Learn to recycle: Very easy, go to the internet and look for the best way to recycle. This day we will have a LIVE on instagram with someone who is an expert on the subject ... It also counts!

6. Reduce the use of plastic bags for waste: The environmental impact of plastic is impressive ... Try to minimize the use of plastics. We know that for some it is difficult to remove it from the bathroom trash, but we can start with the office or study trash can. We usually throw away paper there!

Planilla para la segunda semana de reto para ser más sostenible con meta diaria

7. Eat vegan: Let's try ... for this day not to eat ANYTHING that comes from animals. You will realize that it is easier than it seems and has a very high environmental impact.
8. Do not buy things packaged in plastic: If you are going to ask for addresses today, try to make it from places that you know are packed in sustainable materials.
9. Disconnect the plugs: Although today our cables have technologies that allow a minimum amount of energy to pass through when not in use… If you unplug them, the energy is ZERO.
10. If you go out of the house, bring your own bottle of water: I hope you don't have to go out at this time, but if you do have to go out, bring your own bottle.
11. Support a sustainable local business: If you can buy… Great! If not, another way to support is by sharing on your networks, telling your friends or commenting and giving likes.
12. Clean your closet: Put up for sale or donate what is in good condition. They are wonderful ways to give a second life to clothes that we no longer use.
13. Hang the clothes instead of using the dryer: The dryer uses too much energy, in some of our homes it is the process that takes the most time ... Use natural drying!
14. Create your own mini garden at home: Get creative! We want to see your mini gardens, use things that you have in your house ... remember that all the seeds of the fruit are seeds!
15. Bathing with cold water: For those of us who live in cold lands this is a great challenge… but if my grandfather can do it, then so can we. We bathe faster, don't heat the water, and come out ready for an energetic day.

Planilla para tercera semana de reto con eco tips para ser más sostenible

16. Do not have unnecessary lights on: Very simple, if there is no one in that place, the light may be off.
17. Think about what you are going to eat before opening the refrigerator: It is delicious to open the refrigerator and think, what am I going to eat? However, our refrigerator uses too much energy when it is open and when it is closed as it must return to its standard temperature.
18. Use the Ecosia extension in your browser: easy, it's like a Google but for the searches they plant trees ... you just have to search
19. If you ask for addresses, ask for them without the plastic cutlery: Use those from your home, they do not generate waste or environmental impact.
20. If you buy coffee, bring your mug: have your coffee served in your own glass, there are places that even give you a discount for that.
21. Save the water in your toilet: It is so easy that you will not believe it. Read this blog where we give you the step by step. It is my favorite ecotip.
22. Cook your own food: The fewer addresses you order, the less waste of packaging material, the less CO2 in the office and the more you save!
23. Order your invoices online: Small actions count, a sheet of paper counts.
24. Exchange your books before buying new: You will be surprised by the number of people who are willing to exchange books and we reduce their environmental impact.
Planilla de cuarta semana de reto de sostenibilidad para ser más sostenible. Grid con ecotips

25. Give your clothes a second life: We already donated and sold what was good ... now Welcome to creativity! Make rags, rags, ornaments with your old clothes.
26. Buy quality things that last longer: Many times cheap has a greater environmental impact than expensive.
27. Ask if you really need what you are going to buy: Before buying something, think twice ... let's be conscious consumers
28. Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth or washing dishes: Every second left open without being used is waste,
29. When you go shopping, take your own bags: On the way it is charming but on the way back it feels spectacular.
30. Write more with pencils than with pens: It is also worth using pens that you can change the ink ... but each pencil that we throw away is plastic without future use.
31. Tell 5 friends: Everything we do for the environment is better if we do it TOGETHER

Tell us about your experience using the #MadreTierraChallenge and let's be more sustainable together! We are going to reduce our environmental impact!