Tips de moda para vestir en reuniones sociales

Fashion tips to dress in social gatherings

In all types of events it is important that we have the right clothing to make an impact and feel comfortable in each space. Likewise, it is essential that you know that your image is what speaks of you. For this reason, today in Mother Earth we share some recommendations for you to wear the ideal outfit with the perfect etiquette for when you have to go to a social gathering. Read on.

1. Long dress when the occasion is a gala and at night

When wearing long dresses, ideally below the knee. In addition, you can complement them with heels of your choice, you will surely dazzle at the event and you will be one of the most seen with an exceptional style.

Some of the options you can consider are: bare back, very thin straps, discreet necklines and, if possible, accompanied with veiled stockings and handbags.


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2. Short dress for casual gatherings with your partner, friends or family

If you want to be lighter and share a pleasant moment with those you love most, this will be the right outfit for you to spend any of these occasions without discomfort.

In Mother Earth with our dresses with recycled material you can adapt to events where you are invited, while you will feel dazzling with the theme where you are sharing.


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2. Basic blouses for casual events

When you decide to go to a celebration that is not so elaborate and there will only be a group of people, your clothing does not have to be very elegant, rather you can attend casual and with basic accessories that make you feel comfortable in the space where you are sharing.

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4. Cocktail dress

Surely you have heard about cocktail-type events, since they are generally held in the evening hours. And the dresses for this type of event are a little above the knee, although you can also use it below it. Have you ever been invited to one and not known what to wear? Well, in general, they have rhinestones or are embroidered with interwoven threads, medium heels and a small bag are used to accompany the dress.

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5. Clothing for work meetings

This type of clothing is commonly used in work events, where meetings, breakfasts, conferences, etc. are held. For these spaces, you can wear formal pants along with a basic blouse, jackets or elegant dresses, depending on the occasion.

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With what has been described so far, don't forget that for this costume protocol, you can use a coat or also a blazer, as you feel and look better. In addition, this way you will not get cold and you can give another touch to the outfit you have chosen.


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Likewise, following these tips it is important that you know that at Mother Earth we have a collection where you can choose the clothing that suits the occasion you need. Therefore, we invite you to learn more about our new ecological designs and acquire the best one for you.

Look at our collections and choose the ideal one for your meetings!