¿Podríamos vivir sin plástico?

Could we live without plastic?

If you look around you and look at some objects you will realize that most of them are made of plastic. This is just a small sample of how this material has disproportionately invaded every space of our lives.

It is estimated that in just the last decade more plastic has been produced than in all of history. Its massive production is reflected in alarming figures, which show that some 500 billion plastic bottles are produced each year. This only happens with bottles, now imagine the production of thousands of other products that are made from this product.

The problem with plastic is that it is a material that does not degrade quickly nor completely, so it ends up in rivers, seas, natural environments and accumulating in garbage dumps. This is why there are those who have begun to ask if you can live without plastic.

Do we really need the plastic?

A life without plastic is possible, it is a matter of searching sustainable markets for those alternatives that offer a different and sustainable consumption model. Some of the most common options you can find are:
Bamboo toothbrushes.

Reusable straws.

Reusable facial wipes.

Cloth bags.
In addition to opting for these alternatives, there are also sustainable practices that you can include in your day to day life. Some of them are:
Always carry your bottle to drink water.

Bring a glass to serve coffee or any other drink instead of receiving a disposable container.

Recycle packaging.

Opt for glass containers.

Choose environmentally responsible brands.

How can I reduce my plastic consumption?

Starting with small changes, as we have mentioned before, is the most efficient way to eradicate plastic from our lives. Below, we tell you in detail some recommendations to start.

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Create awareness

First of all, you must be clear about the reasons why it is necessary to reduce your plastic consumption. The damage it causes to ecosystems, the degree of pollution that its production represents, etc.


Reducing will be key, so think about every detail. Take your reusable bag to the market, load your thermos or water bottle, don't buy what you don't need, choose to buy in bulk, etc.

Look for responsible brands for everything

Identify those brands that work under sustainable guidelines. For example, when searching for a garment, try to find out what brand manufactures environmentally friendly clothing. On the other hand, make sure that where you buy are local brands, so you strengthen and boost the economy of your country.

Say no to everything disposable

When you leave home and go anywhere you will notice that single-use plastic-based implements abound.The goal is to avoid them all, they can be plastic bags, a container to carry something to eat or a straw. Leave home prepared, take your container for coffee, load your food and drinks in reusable containers.

Don't buy packaging

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Supermarkets are full of food wrapped in plastic, something completely unnecessary. Choose to market in supermarkets and stores in your neighborhood or town, you will notice that in these it is much easier to find natural foods, even at fairer prices.

Applying these tips you will notice that yes it is possible to live without plastic and that it will be very easy to incorporate these changes into your lifestyle. Today there are multiple alternatives, so you have no excuses to find sustainable and innovative brands.

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