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We make clothing from recycled cotton, organic cotton and recycled plastic bottles.


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  • Madre Tierra is a sustaible clothing brand from Colombia.

    It is a path of sustainability, honesty and love for the planet that we want to walk, together with the other dreamers, to make the textile industry an engine of change. This is a path that will take time and will be full of challenges, but one in which we believe we can change the world, thread by thread, stitch by stitch.

    We believe that the fashion industry needed a stylish and sustainable clothing brand. A brand made in Colombia that allows us to dress for our daily lives without abandoning our dream of being more aware and consistent with our dream of sustainability.

    We believe that together we can save and stop polluting water, we can recycle, eliminate toxic waste, reduce carbon emissions and use less oil. We believe that the textile industry can be constructive and we dream of a planet where we weave, design and wear what we believe in.

    We want to change the world, and you?
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