<tc>About Us</tc>

Madre Tierra is a Colombian organic clothing brand. It is a path of sustainability, honesty and love for the planet that we want to walk, together with the other dreamers, to make the textile industry an engine of change. This is a path that will take time and will be full of challenges, but one in which we believe we can change the world, thread by thread, stitch by stitch.

We believe that the fashion industry needed a stylish and sustainable clothing brand. A brand made in Colombia that allows us to dress for our daily lives without abandoning our dream of being more aware and consistent with our dream of sustainability.

We believe that together we can save and stop polluting water, we can recycle, eliminate toxic waste, reduce carbon emissions and use less oil. We believe that the textile industry can be constructive and we dream of a planet where we weave, design and wear what we believe in.

We want to change the world, and you?

<tc>Our story</tc>

It all started with the dream of Juliana and Manuela Trujillo, two cousins in love with the environment and sustainability. The dream of creating an honest brand came true, with products made from non-polluting materials, clean processes and with the hope of having a positive impact, not only in Colombia but also in the world.

"We believe we exist to bring about positive change, and we believe it's time to do something about it."

"At Madre Tierra we know that one of the feasible and realistic solutions to environmental problems lies precisely in technology and development."
  • <tc>1.181 kWh of energy</tc>

    This is equivalent to the amount of energy to maintain garments 1,447 refrigerators per year
  • <tc>314 m3 of water</tc>

    This is equivalent to the amount of water that the population of Manizales (a Colombian city) would drink in a year
  • <tc>690.000 plastic bottles</tc>

    That can take up to 300 years to decompose

<tc>Our materials</tc>

We are here to make things better, to show that the textile industry can be a constructive and not a destructive industry if we do it together.


70% of pet bottles around the world end up in oceans or landfills. And these can take 100 years to decompose.

We know that polyester is still a problematic material, but by using plastic bottles we can prevent them from ending up in the sea or in landfills.


20% of the textiles used in fashion end up as waste that pollutes our planet.

90% of that waste is recyclable, and only 3% is actually recycled.


It uses 91% less water than conventional cotton and produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

It does not use fertilizers, pesticides and does not employ mechanized agricultural practices.


Sustainable and social policies revolve around the well-being of both our work team, the environment and our clients.

We believe in fair hours, in fair pay. We believe that our work team is what makes everything possible. We are a community.

We believe that there is only one earth and we have to take care of it and love it, we believe that the oceans must be free of plastics and we believe that fashion must be sustainable.

We believe that we have an opportunity to change the world and we want to take advantage of it.

And finally, we believe in being happy and leaving a better planet.

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