Brand Ambassadors

At Madre Tierra we are looking for lovers of sustainability and fashion to help us reach more people to show that being sustainable is possible in our daily lives and thus change the world, while earning $$$ extra. Here we explain how it works:

  1. The idea is that you can choose the garment that you like the most and with it you can create content mentioning us for your social networks (a post, a reel, a story) and if you agree we would also share the content on our networks to have a greater reach.
  2. We will create a personalized 30% discount code and you can choose how to use it, for example you can give 20% discount to your community and we will give you 10% of that sale in cash.
  3. You will have a 30% discount in our store while you are an ambassador of our brand.
  4. For each Referral accepted in the ambassador plan you will receive a gift from Mother Earth

In addition, you can win prizes, merch and invitations to special events and workshops that we will be launching later.

How to participate?

Fill out the form below, we will be contacting you soon with your discount code.