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Kit of 3 sustainable face masks

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Kit of 3 washable face masks made with sustainable textile and anti-fluid finish. Perfect for everyday wear.

How to take care of your masks:

It's super simple, after using your mask, wash it with antibacterial soap, wash it separately with COLD water, do not use detergents, bleaches or very strong soaps. Try not to get the sun and do not use chlorine.

After washing your mask let it dry completely and it is ready to be used again.

The antifluid finish repels liquids, oils and stains. The effect evaluated under standard AATCC 22 has a permanence of more than 80% of its initial rating, after being washed 20 times at home. The antifluid product used is ecological since it is free of PFOA (Chemicals harmful to the environment and health).


These are the data of what we stopped using when creating this mask kit, comparing it with a garment that does not use sustainable textile.

1,739 Wh of energy
36 grams of toxic
730 grams of co2
478 liters of water

And it was used

1 plastic bottle


52% reused cotton 48% reused Pet bottles


Wash your mask separately
cold water
do not use detergents
do not bleach
do not scrub
do not twist
do not dry in the sun
iron at medium temperature

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